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What Is The Environmental Noise Directive?

Posted by Echo Barrier on Aug 21, 2018 8:53:33 AM | environmental noise directive What is the environmental noise directive? E.N.D environmental noise directive explained
Environmental noise directive

Some parts of the world are already swinging away, trying to knock the issue of noise pollution on the head, while others remain trailing. This legitimate public health concern is on the rise globally, and we are trying to play catch-up to subdue the harsh toll it is taking on our population.

Europe, namely, has had this initiative implemented for almost 20 years, after its proposal in 2000.

The Environmental Noise Directive (END) is a policy implemented by the European Union to ensure that the countries in the Union are taking steps towards improving on the impact of noise pollution. It emerged as an understanding of the relationship between noise pollution – specifically, exposure to “environmental noise” – and public health developed.




Environment Noise Directive Explained

The directive is simple, and requires that the EU member states take 3 steps in fulfilling it:

  1. Create strategic noise maps for urban areas, major roads, airports, and railways.

  2. Inform and consult the public on the information derived from the noise mapping, and disseminate information on environmental noise and its effects on those concerned.

  3. And finally, the European Union leaves it in the hands of the member states to act on the findings, set their own targets and to meet in order to manage and control the environmental noise in their regions


The END requires that the information on environmental noise and the be ‘clear, comprehensible and accessible’

With 10% of the global population (about 900 million people) expected to suffer from disabling hearing loss by 2050, authorities are scrambling to diminish the damage being done before it gets out of control.

While the directive does not set limits or define actions to be taken, this is done at the national level by individual governments, it does allow for community input to be heard and is a definitive step in the right direction towards addressing the toll of noise pollution.




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