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VIDEO: Mitigating Loud Construction Tool Noise

Posted by Echo Barrier on Feb 12, 2019 9:56:26 AM | construction noise pollution construction noise problems noise barriers sound control barriers temporary noise barrier reducing noise pollution noise abatement noise

Construction in close proximity to residential areas is always a delicate affair. It's a balancing act between finishing the project on time and maintaining amicable relations with the community. That's why it's important to be on top of any threats of disturbance, particularly that of noise.

Echo Barrier came about as a result of the demand for community members and contractors to both be able to go about what they do in relative peace and quiet. In construction environments, these noise-attenuating acoustic barriers help prevent a delicate situation from becoming a time-consuming public relations matter.

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Case Study: Morecambe, England

When C2V+ found themselves caught up in mounting noise complaints in Morecambe on a pipeline installation at a local pumping station – part of a £70 million dollar sewage works upgrade – where a trench was being dug in the middle of a street surrounded by holiday homes and retirement properties, they knew something had to be done.

One solution came on their radar, and Echo Barrier was deployed around the compound perimeter and on multiple stations on the site, for further strategically localized attenuation.


Isolated Attenuation On Loud Tools

One of the applications Echo Barrier proved useful for was the localized noise mitigation of jackhammers. On the Morecambe pumping station, the Echo V1 was used for the job. The V1's portability meant that as a worker moved around, breaking in different spots on the site, they could move the barriers and frame as they worked.

Hear what members of the crew had to say for themselves:




Portable noise control

Echo Barrier is an innovative temporary noise control system designed to mitigate noise in dynamic and sensitive work environments, with distribution available worldwide.

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