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Using portable noise control barriers to extend site working hours

Posted by Echo Barrier on Jun 23, 2022 1:17:51 PM | temporary acoustic barrier Acoustic Barriers Noise Barriers
Echo Barriers and pedestrian fences

Every contractor’s wish is to complete any construction or demolition project in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, prevailing restrictions caused by excessive worksite noise can add considerable cost and inconvenience to any project.

Effective and comprehensive noise management systems from Echo Barrier can extend your allowable working hours to achieve greater efficiency, reduce start-up and shut-down delays, and reduce project costs.

Addressing the Noise Challenge

Time-to-completion of any construction project near or within crowded business centers or densely populated areas is frequently impacted by construction noise constraints.

Echo Barrier systems provide noise abatement solutions for professional contractors, family businesses, general construction enterprises, equipment rental suppliers, government agencies, military operations, and more.

Easy to deploy and weatherproof, Echo Barrier’s award-winning acoustic panels employ a high-tech composite design that cushions and provides construction noise control, even 100% at specific frequencies. At lower frequencies, Echo Barrier composite panels have proven to outperform any other portable materials substantially.

At the job site, Echo Barrier panels are:

  • Lightweight and easy to transport and install.
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant, long-lasting, and reusable.
  • Highly adaptable to any circumstances.
  • Linkable, both vertically and laterally, to create a solid barrier.
  • Able to be “doubled up” to create an even higher level of noise attenuation.
  • How Echo Barrier Panels Add Value

Ben Franklin’s adage, “Time is money,” is perhaps more meaningful today than ever. Contractors are painfully aware that their labor, utility, and material input costs have risen substantially, and efficient planning and time management are essential for any project.

Projects that inherently produce excessive construction noise in urban environments or elsewhere must address restrictions on their operating hours or ways to reduce the noise levels. Clearly, restricting the hours of operation causes significant inefficiency, extends the project time to completion, and ties up resources and assets that could be used elsewhere.

Echo Barrier systems:

  • Limit site noise and local neighborhood complaints
  • Help meet OSHA and health limitations
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Reduce liability
  • Separate noisy and hazardous activities from other workers
  • Isolate administration facilities, generators, cutting, and noisy pumps from other areas
  • Save money by extending working hours
  • Have been tested to perform in temperature ranges between -40° (-40°C) to 158°F (70°C)

Noise Attenuation with Portable Cutting Stations

Cutting materials is one of the significant noise-producing culprits on any building site. Using Echo Barrier’s award-winning, sophisticated technology, an easily assembled, portable cutting station offers a more compact solution that achieves up to a 43 dB noise reduction. The barriers can provide up to 100 % noise absorption across some frequency ranges.

Echo Barriers’ portable cutting stations are:

  • Compact and can even fit into spaces with low ceilings
  • Easy to assemble, usually in minutes
  • Portable and can easily be moved and reassembled in another work area
  • Equipped with side hatches that allow large materials such as piping and other extended material.
  • Assembled in 20 minutes
  • Complete with a clear PVC curtain and windows to allow for viewing by supervisors and others from the exterior of the cutting station without exposure to dust, debris, and other potentially harmful material.

Create a Positive Corporate Image

Echo Barrier panels may be customized to reflect company names and logos, even with a community care message that acts much like a stationary billboard during the project’s duration. The sound attenuating barriers can project a positive attitude toward the environment while maintaining a safe perimeter around the job site.

For the contractor, an attractive, properly installed Echo Barrier noise management system effectively conveys the message that the company is responsible and genuinely cares about noise pollution reduction.

Save Money and Be Eco-Friendly with Echo Barrier Noise Management Systems  

Echo Barrier has developed award-winning construction noise management barriers that allow contractors and other entities to manage projects efficiently without disturbing the local population.

Echo Barrier’s state-of-the-art composite panels attenuate project noise to allow for uninterrupted progress and are long-lasting, attractive, portable, and easy to install.

For more information regarding Echo Barriers’ award-winning construction noise abatement solutions follow the contact us button to get in touch

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