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USA: 10 New York City Noise Culprits That Pose Serious Health Risks

Posted by Magnet on May 24, 2016 10:40:00 AM | Uncategorised

Damaging Effects of Noise Pollution Noise pollution can have a devastating effect on people who come into contact with a noisy place. It can cause headaches, high stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, depression and insomnia. Sustained exposure to noise over 85 decibels (dB) can cause permanent hearing loss, and over 110 dB can lead to even greater damage. People have a right to not be subjected to such risk, and must speak out to government agencies and private corporations responsible for this noise to demand a solution. While many urban noise sources like dogs, honking drivers, loud crowds and individuals simply cannot be avoided, some of the worst noise culprits, such as construction, events and roadwork have a solution that can be implemented immediately.

Research from independent studies has measured the sound levels 10 of New York City's top culprits of noise above 85 dB that pose serious health problems.
10. Heavy Traffic: 85 dB From Times Square to the Holland Tunnel, traffic is an unavoidable problem in New York City and can reach very dangerous noise levels.
9. Dog Barking: 101 dB The barking dog in your next door neighbor's apartment isn't just a nuisance—at 101 decibels, prolonged exposure to this sound can seriously impact your hearing.
8. Crowded Restaurant: 106 dB Getting into one of New York City's hottest restaurants is only half the battle—the loud crowds they commend can lead to permanent hearing loss. This type of noise can be easily solved with the installation of acoustic barriers, creating a quieter environment for patrons and neighbors.
7. Subway Train: 110 dB Over six million people rode the Subway last year and risked significant hearing loss to the rushing train cars screeching along the metal tracks.
6. Honking Horns: 110 dB While there are numerous "No Honking" signs throughout the city, drivers risk the associated fines to make their way through traffic—putting your health and patience at risk while they're at it.
5. Shouting: 110 dB New Yorkers can get carried away in the heat of the moment, but shouting can lead to much more damage than stress to those within earshot.
4. Ambulance Siren: 120 dB New York City is home to some of the greatest first responders in the world, but the sound of emergency response vehicles can wreak havoc on your hearing.
3. Jack Hammers: 130 dB With the largest construction volume in the United States, jack hammers are one of the worst culprits of daily noise in New York City. Contractors most often ignore noise codes and incur fines at the cost of health damage to workers and passersby. By using sound barriers, contractors on construction jobs and roadwork sites can significantly reduce the noise of power tools and other construction noise.
2. Loud Music: 120 dB From concerts in Central Park to subway riders blasting music through a stereo – although entertaining - it can be extremely damaging without the proper hearing protection. Acoustic barriers can be used at events and live music venues to absorb the noise and significantly reduce the decibel levels.
1. Airplane Takeoff: 140 dB New York City is home to two major international airports, which produce the largest threat to New York City hearing health.

An Efficient Solution is Essential Previous attempts to control noise have simply not been sufficient to lower decibels and create a safe environment. One New Yorker recently set forth a lawsuit, claiming $20 million in damages from a loud construction site that many other NYC residents would accept as a routine part of life, but this noise could have been easily avoided with the proper noise mitigation system. Although we can't easily control dogs' barking or honking horns, Echo Barriers are an easy, inexpensive and effective solution for sounds we can contain.

A thick PVC exterior on each Echo Barrier makes them highly weather proof and perfect for outdoor use, while night reflectors make them safe to use for after-hours. The Echo Barrier system absorbs noise, rather than reflect it back to the source, protecting residents and workers alike. At just 13 lb. they are easy to handle, taking very limited manpower and time to install. With such a convenient solution readily available, it is a wonder New York City hasn't yet put noise under control.

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