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Summer is here, when Construction season meets outdoor living

Posted by Echo Barrier on Jun 4, 2024 1:44:21 PM | reducing noise pollution noise reduction construction noise noise mitigation noise compliance
Construction summer season

Reducing Noise and Dust Complaints During the Summer Construction Season

Make the Most of the Summer Construction Season

Summer is here, and with it comes longer, warmer days that provide the perfect conditions for construction projects to be in full swing. Contractors are maximizing the season, working hard to meet deadlines and complete projects. However, the increase in outdoor activities during summer also means that more people are spending time outside, potentially leading to conflicts between construction activities and the general public due to noise and dust.

Managing Noise and Dust Complaints

The key to a successful summer construction season is balancing productivity with community relations. Noise and dust are the primary sources of complaints from residents and businesses near construction sites. These complaints can lead to delays and even legal actions, jeopardizing the short and crucial construction season.

The Role of Portable Temporary Noise Barriers

One effective solution to mitigate noise and dust issues is the use of portable temporary noise barriers. Echo Barrier, a leader in this field, offers products specifically designed to address these challenges. The Echo Barrier H9 and H10 are among the best options available to contractors aiming to reduce noise and dust complaints.

  • Echo Barrier H9: Known for its high noise attenuation, the H9 barrier is ideal for use in high-noise areas. It not only absorbs and blocks sound but also reduces dust migration. Its lightweight and portable design make it easy to install and reposition as needed.

  • Echo Barrier H10: This barrier offers even greater noise reduction capabilities and is suited for environments with extremely high noise levels. The H10 also provides excellent dust control, ensuring that construction activities have minimal impact on the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Using Echo Barriers

  1. Reduced Noise: Both the H9 and H10 barriers significantly cut down the noise levels, helping to keep the peace with the local community.
  2. Dust Control: By containing dust within the construction site, these barriers help maintain air quality for nearby residents.
  3. Enhanced Community Relations: With fewer complaints, contractors can maintain a better relationship with the community, leading to smoother project execution.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Using noise and dust control measures can help meet local regulations and avoid fines or work stoppages.


As construction activity ramps up this summer, it's crucial for contractors to proactively address noise and dust concerns. Echo Barrier H9 and H10 provide effective solutions to these challenges, helping to ensure a productive and complaint-free construction season. By investing in these noise and dust control measures, contractors can focus on their work while maintaining positive community relations.

See how Echo barriers are hung on standard fencing that allows constructors to help control noise and dust 

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