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Reducing Noise On A Portable Water Pump

Posted by Echo Barrier on Apr 30, 2019 12:55:06 PM | noise abatement noise problems loud water pump water pump noise

A portable water pump serves many functions, like draining waterways, pools, hydraulic fracturing, and removing floodwater to prevent long-term damage. They are often needed in basements when torrential rain overwhelms the barriers that normally keep your home dry.

One downside of a water pump that operates as needed is that is can lead to a lot of noise, especially during the night when residents in the vicinity are trying to sleep. If the noise is excessive, there are things you can do to mitigate it.

Is the noise normal?

Water pumps are not going to be completely noiseless considering the mechanics of the  but you want to make sure it isn't making excess noise due to malfunction. Ensure that any noise the pump makes when it comes on is steady and due to normal operation, and not because a part is loose or worn.



With a malfunction ruled out the next step is to reduce the effect of the sound the water pump is making so it does not end up bothering you. If there is flexibility in placement, you ideally want to place the portable water pump far away from stairs and hallways leading to the parts of the house you spend most of your time in. With portable water pumps, there is also a high chance of extra noise due to avoidable vibration. Make sure the water pump is well secured on a solid supporting surface and clear of anything it could rattle against during operation. Special isolation strips are also available for this. 


Soundproof with portable acoustic barriers

Soundproofing your portable water pump can go a long way to reducing nuisance noises. Echo Barrier portable acoustic barriers provide one such solution. Able to attenuate by up to 43 dB while weighing only 5.5 kg (Echo H9), Echo Barrier products are proven to lead the market in terms of all-round performance.




Upon application of acoustic barriers, you want to make sure there is adequate clearance around the water pump, and that any required airflow for proper operation is not impeded.




Portable acoustic barriers

Echo Barrier is an innovative temporary noise control system designed to quickly mitigate noise from
loud equipment. 

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