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Reducing noise - How to help customers manage excess sound at events

Posted by Magnet on May 24, 2019 10:40:00 AM | Uncategorised

Just as secondhand cigarette smoke has entered public consciousness as a societal ill, communities are beginning to recognize the potential danger posed by excess noise from events.

This situation creates an opportunity for rental operators who understand the negative outcomes that can arise for venues and event operators as a result of excess noise.
Businesses that exceed safe noise levels are likely to receive complaints from local residents and officials, which can lead to fines or notices to cease operations. That’s where providing sound barriers come in. By making these products available to customers, party and event equipment rental stores can help their customers minimize complaints from the community, and boost economic sustainability and consistency.

A better event Events that mitigate excess noise will be able to extend site operating hours without risking the involvement of law enforcement. Longer operating hours can mean a larger window for the sale of consumables, such as food and beverages or other goods, and ultimately lead to a more profitable event. Noise reduction equipment also can improve sound quality for large music festivals where competing stages can confuse the listening experience. Echo Barrier, for example, has helped improve sound isolation for distinct stage areas, resulting in a higher quality sound and a lower impact on nearby communities. Sound barriers give venues and event operators control over the sound produced by competing stages, which in turn allows for greater options and flexibility for site layouts.

A better reputation Barriers not only improve the event experience but can also ultimately improve the reputation of the company who choses to hire them as part of their event plan. Hiring noise reduction barriers prove publically a commitment to making the best event possible, but also to reducing the impact on local people. An improved reputation with customers local people and other businesses is a huge selling tool for Rental operators.

The best product When a party and event rental store decides to add noise mitigation solutions to its inventory, the company should look for a product that is designed to be weatherproof and waterproof for outdoor use so that the barriers do not need to be removed and transported during rain. Rental operators also should provide sound barriers that are designed to be easy to install, uninstall and transport because they require less time and resources to set up effectively. Also, it is important to explain this benefit to potential customers, because this can make sound barriers more attractive to venues and event operators on tight production schedules.
Products that use acoustic absorbent materials are designed to “soak up” sound and minimize reflections instead of reflecting sound back to its source. That means rental stores should look for products that have been tuned to the optimum frequency range for noise reduction.
Renters and buyers also should consider the visual presentation of sound barriers. Gray sound blankets, for example, usually are visually unappealing and ineffective. Unattractive sound barriers will detract from your brand and make you look less professional, undermining one of the desired outcomes of noise reduction — an enhanced public image.
Those barriers which offer the opportunity to be branded with marketing messages or company identity are the most effective. Keeping a professional and attractive appearance is important to any venue or event operator looking to maintain its reputation

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