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Planning an event? Don’t let the noise get out of hand

Posted by Tom Peary on Oct 2, 2014 12:00:00 AM | Events Related|Noise Reduction

Events can cause a headache – and not just with the amount of organisation it takes to put one on. They can also result in a lot of noise pollution and this can create problems for you, as the organiser – and all those people subjected to the racket. When planning a large-scale event, consider the noise implications to avoid getting complaints.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommends that the average sound level over the duration of the event in any part of the audience area should not exceed 107 dB, and the explosive, peak or impact noises should not exceed 140 dB. However, even with rules in place, noise complaints are very common when it comes to events – particularly ones that are held in residential areas.

A local council report that was released earlier this month examined how popular music festival Glastonbury could improve on previous events to reduce the amount of complaints. Noise was a particular problem at last year’s festival and the council received a total of 37 complaints which is higher than the previous two years. This means, despite plans to increase the size of the event for 2020 by introducing additional acts and extra camping, the 50 th Anniversary of the well-known festival will have to reduce the noise output if it’s to keep residents happy.
But how does something on the scale of Glastonbury – with the festival site covering 1,100 acres – control its volume? Sound travels. This is a proven fact. And this can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to events. For festival goers, it means that you will be able to hear Lewis Capaldi’s set without moving from your tent. However, for local residents who, for example, are recovering from a night shift and trying to sleep, this can be majorly inconvenient.

Sound proof your space Sound proofing your space is essential if you want to keep everyone happy. At Echo Barrier, noise mitigation is the reason behind our market-leading products. Our acoustic barriers can be temporarily erected to reduce distance in which the sound travels, while also improving the quality of the sound within the venue. This means that event organisers are able to maximise the volume of music events without having to worry about disrupting local residents. The barriers can also be branded to include a company logo or corporate messaging, so organisers can also promote their business at the event.

If you are organising an event and need help with mitigating noise, take a look at our events page to read one of our case studies. You can also call our team on 0845 561 3246 to discuss your needs.

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