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Event Noise Management (Try A Temporary Sound Wall)

Posted by Echo Barrier on Apr 26, 2019 10:51:11 AM | event noise temporary noise barrier reducing noise pollution noise problems noise laws

During a live event that will produce high noise levels, the noise management must be proactive and conducted by a professional consultant along with the production team, sound engineers, and the venue management.

The objective to live event noise management is to maintain high sound quality without compromising compliance with laws and regulations regarding external noise limits. Maintaining audience satisfaction is also important.

Echo Barrier portable noise control systems help ensure that noise levels reaching beyond the venue grounds remain within limits outlined by locals regulations and ordinances. Event organizers enjoy the adaptability of the barriers to configure noise mitigation as necessary, like the 30+ ft noise wall erected here for a weekend festival:


Events - Echo barrier image 1 -387833-edited

The use of Echo Barriers provides a quick and effective solution to event noise, protecting nearby residents.


Noise Management: Required by Law

Noise monitoring during a live event is frequently included as a requirement of the event license. This delineates the methods by which the noise management will address the sound levels during an event or concert. Typically, this will include a live event noise management consultant to be at the sound mixer equipment throughout the concert or event. One or more noise management consultants may also be situated outside the venue during the event.

The noise management consultant will work closely with sound engineering at the mixer desk to ensure adequate adjustments to specific frequencies are necessary. They may also make adjustments to ensure the overall sound levels remain within mandated limits. The consultant determines the adjustments based upon the external sound levels measured throughout receptor positions outside the venue. The consultants will stay in close contact throughout the concert or event to ensure continued compliance.

In some circumstances, live event noise managers may also address noise complaints that come during an event. This may include conducting attended sound level monitoring at the complainant’s property to stay in compliance. Live event noise management consultants work directly with the production team and sound engineers at major events. They may also need to act as liaisons with neighbors in the community. Community relations play a key role with neighbors near any venue. In addition, the consultant will remain in communication with local government officials.

Post Event Management

Live event noise management must also produce a sound level monitoring report in many cases. The report goes to the local authority following the event. Most consultants can tailor reports to meet a wide array of regulations from varying licensing boards and local authorities. These reports frequently include noise monitoring data, noise complaint summaries, and any procedures implemented during the concert or event.


Do I Need A Noise Consultant?

The consultant plays a critical role. They communicate and have authority across all stakeholders: stage managers, sound system suppliers, local authorities such as the police, bands/DJs, and local communities. The consultant supports all parties by ensuring a successful event that stays within noise regulations.

The are critical professionals in the design of an effective, reliable, and pragmatic noise management plan that enables the organizers to obtain the licenses. They do with with reliable predictions based on sound data, and they demonstrate how the event will mitigate any nuisance. They then implement the plan throughout the event and collect evidence to support the success of the plan.     





 Portable, durable noise control

Echo Barrier uses patented acoustic technology to provide industry-leading weatherproof noise control. Echo Barrier provides event organizers with the most effective temporary noise solutions.


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