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Noise Experts Echo Barrier Launch New Range Of Acoustic Barrier Products

Posted by Kevin Derbyshire on May 24, 2015 10:40:00 AM | acoustic barriers

We are thrilled to announce the launch of six new products into the market.

Using a new and improved acoustic foam, the new range of products have better noise reduction performance than their predecessor the Echo H2, they are lightweight and are also more adaptable for a bigger range of work sites.

H4 Acoustic Barrier

The new H4 acoustic barrier is the replacement for the standard H2 Barrier, but with a better noise reduction performance (up to 39dB). The Echo Barrier H5 has the added benefit of being flame retardant whilst the H6 Sonic Barrier is the highest performing when it comes to absorption, whilst maintaining acoustic performance and being waterproof.

H8 Large Site Perimeter Barrier

The H8 acoustic site barrier is the biggest in the range, suitable for larger sites such as site perimeters. Technical director Peter Wilson said: “We are a hugely innovative team and we are always developing and improving our range to make our products better for the customer. “We have been working for a long time on this new range of products, all of which are based around the technology of our award-winning H2 Barrier but with a multitude of extras and adjustments to make them suitable for different uses and different markets. “We have improved our acoustic foam which is now made up of recycled materials, so as well as being better at reducing noise it’s also more sustainable and has less of an environmental impact. “We’re really excited to get the products out to the market and hear the feedback.”

The Echo CS (Cutting Station) has been specifically designed to house loud cutting equipment on site, and has windows either side for ease of access for materials. For more information on these new acoustic barrier products visit our products page.

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