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Noise Enclosures For The Outdoors

Posted by Echo Barrier on Dec 11, 2020 3:00:00 PM | noise control solutions echo barrier construction noise rail noise noise enclosure outdoor noise enclosure
Outdoor noise enclosures

While noise attenuation measures should certainly be taken in any construction, refurbishment, build-out, or renovation settings, works that are undertaken inside buildings and within closed spaces are often less noisy to the public, given that everyone outside the building already falls in the acoustic shadow of its walls. On the other hand, in an outdoor context, any noise produced by construction activity can spread far and wide, potentially disturbing a considerable number of nearby residents and local businesses. 

In order to prevent loud construction noise spreading in the outdoors, noise enclosures can be deployed, greatly reducing the impact of the noise. Echo Barrier's range of noise control systems includes a number of uniquely-engineered noise enclosures, designed to be highly usable and portable with a  while withstanding the rigours of worksites and adverse weather conditions.

Echo Barrier enclosures are certified water, fire, and smoke resistant and have necessary wind loading certifications for outdoor use.


Echo Barrier CS Compact Cutting Station

The closer you can get to the noise source, the more effectively the noise can be attenuated. An Echo Barrier enclosure like the CS Compact Cutting Station closely entraps the noise, reducing the noise level from all directions. The enclosure features a covered opening through which materials can be delivered to the operator from the outside, and then returned after cutting. Clear windows and doors allow safe supervision from outside of the enclosure. The enclosure comes with its own sturdy aluminium frame that clips together to form a ridged structure that is wind load tested for outdoors use.




Echo Barrier H-EX™

Where ventilation is necessary (in the case of gensets, for example), the Echo Barrier H-EX™ provides an extended acoustic shadow for H-Series barrier enclosures, while allowing sufficient overhead ventilation space for machinery and equipment. This makes it ideal for working near high-rises offices and apartment buildings, placing higher floors within the protective screen of the enclosure.

Echo Barrier H-EX

Portable Noise Control

Echo Barrier was designed to help contractors and event organizers effortlessly have their noise mitigation issues taken care of, so that they can get on with their job without worrying about disturbing the community.

Distribution available worldwide.


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