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Loud Logistics: Reducing Noise In Truck Parking Facilities

Posted by Echo Barrier on Jul 20, 2020 8:56:42 AM | truck terminal noise truck stop noise logistics truck noise truck yard noise

Semi trucks and the vast logistics networks that they traverse keep our country running. They take our goods from all industries conceivable and deliver them state-to-state safely via our roadways, bringing them from manufacturers, factories, warehouses, ports, and more to depots, retailers, businesses, and countless other recipients in enormous volumes every single day. Semi truck terminals and parking facilities are support nodes in this vast roadway network, offering drivers and logistics operators a point to store loads, transfer shipments, holding drop trailers, inspecting loads, and an opportunity for general respite in the fulfilment of a delivery.


While convenient and even necessary for the logistics industry, active semi truck terminal facilities generate a level of noise that can cause issues to arise for both the owners of the facility and surrounding residents.

Hassles Of Noise At Truck Terminals 

With such immense volumes of cargo constantly coming in and out of truck parking facilities, noise is a natural byproduct of their operation. As well as the expected traffic noise generated by hundreds of truck movements per day, there are many noise sources contributing to the overall noise level, including forklifts, yard spotter trucks (or “terminal tractors”), and other loud vehicles, machinery, and equipment.


truck terminal noise

Semi truck parking facilities are frequently subject to noise complaints

While noise by definition is never desirable, it can be especially problematic when the terminal is located near residential areas, resulting in noise complaints and potential legal action that threatens the operation. This is not to mention the considerable health threat presented to everybody both on and near the truck terminal facility.


Minimize Noise At Trucking Terminals

There are many engineering solutions that can be implemented to minimize and even eliminate the threat of displeased residents. A quick and highly effective solution is the installation of a sound barrier wall to mitigate the noise level emanating from the truck terminal. An important factor to consider when erecting a sound barrier is the barrier’s noise absorption capabilities. Any sound reflected off the sound barrier can potentially adversely affect people at the truck terminal, so it is critical that the material be highly absorbent to noise.




Echo Barrier: Highly Absorptive, Quick To Install, Completely Weatherproof


Echo Barrier lightweight noise control systems accelerate the process of installing a noise barrier wall, while withstanding tough site conditions. The modular barriers can be assembled in a countless variety of configurations to match a site’s requirements and to considerably reduce noise levels from all sorts of noise sources in logistics, mining, construction, events, and more.


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