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How To Reduce Air Compressor Noise

Posted by Echo Barrier on Nov 16, 2020 2:53:18 PM | noise barriers echo barrier air compressor air compressor noise air compressor noise reduction

We can all benefit from quieter equipment on worksites. Air compressors are an example of just one of the hundreds of pieces of equipment that make legally dangerous levels of noise. More powerful models of air compressors can reach 100 dB or more, while 85 dB is NIOSH’s recommended exposure limit, beyond which point permanent hearing damage can occur.

Whatever your application, a quieter air compressor makes life easier for everybody. Reducing air compressor noise helps you to:

  • Avoid noise complaints from nearby residents and businesses
  • Prevent hearing damage and noise-induced hearing loss
  • Improve verbal communication between workers and onsite and prevent avoidable workplace injuries


Portable air compressors require portable solutions.

Air compressors are loud mostly due to friction caused by their many moving parts made of metal, and in the case of gas-powered compressors, the added noise of combustion. The physical environment and its acoustic properties also contribute to the perceived noise level. 

For example, if the air compressor is situated near concrete walls or on a concrete, the reverberations will exacerbate the noise. In fact, any hard surface will cause reflections that only make the situation worse. 

Fortunately, there are purpose-designed solutions to reduce air compressor noise by minimizing noise reflections and enclosing the compressor.


Air Compressor Noise Enclosure

By installing a noise enclosure around your air compressor, you immediately reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding area and on the workforce. Specially-designed acoustic enclosures exist that facilitate the reduction of noise, wherever you are.

Echo Barriers
are modular, highly-portable acoustic barrier panels that are designed to mount on temporary fencing to create a portable noise enclosure, providing a perfect solution for air compressor noise.

The lightweight barriers can be installed, taken down and then reinstalled with ease wherever your air compressor is required, and their acoustically-absorbent composition not only blocks noise, but also minimizes noise reflections.



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