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How To Reduce AC Noise With Sound Blankets & Barriers

Posted by Echo Barrier on Jul 6, 2018 1:29:40 PM | noise control temporary acoustic barrier sound barriers air conditioning noise how to reduce air conditioner noise air conditioner noise reduction blanket air conditioner sound proofing

We’re all aware of how obnoxious commercial air conditioner units can be; constantly noisy, overbearing, and at times distracting to work around.

It can mean the difference between a smoothly executed project and receiving noise complaints, or between a successful live event and an expensive disappointment.

Acoustic barriers or sound blankets are sound control tools used across various applications that can massively reduce unwanted sound by up to 99%.

By placing acoustic barriers or an enclosure around your AC, you can diminish the amount of noise escaping into open air, and save everybody in the vicinity a headache or two.


Acoustic barriers and sound blankets for AC

Acoustic barriers and sound blankets are designed to absorb sound from an offending piece of machinery or worksite in order to reduce noise pollution.

Made with highly sound-absorbent yet impermeable materials, they can achieve sound attenuation of up to 35dB in the field.

Modern barriers are highly portable and adaptable to project needs as they change, while still achieving sound absorption.


How are air conditioning sound blankets used?

In the case of an air conditioner, you have a couple of options, depending on the number and size of unit.


1. Acoustic enclosure

The quickest and easiest option is to erect an Echo Barrier enclosure to place around the HVAC unit.

These can be set up rapidly by as few as a single person.

H2 acoustic enclosure image 2
The Echo Barrier H20 Acoustic Enclosure is one of a range of enclosures available for reducing noise on air conditioning units and in other applications.


2. Acoustic barriers

If you are only wanting to block sound from a specific direction, or if you want to screen the noise from a set of air conditioners, acoustic barriers provide some more flexibility.

You must first erect temporary fencing as a perimeter around the unit, upon which you can mount the barriers. You’ll want the fencing to be within several feet from the AC both to get the best effect from the barriers and to allow the unit to breathe sufficiently.acoustic barriers for air conditioning units

Echo Barrier’s range of acoustic barriers and enclosures are certified completely weatherproof and fire resistant, and are quick to deploy and reconfigure.

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