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How Echo Barrier products can help businesses stay open during renovations

Posted by Echo Barrier on Oct 28, 2022 1:09:13 PM | industrial acoustic enclosures Acoustic Barriers Construction Related

Retailers and other business owners are constantly seeking ways to improve the customer experience by upgrading their locations to create a more attractive environment, modernize, and increase efficiency. While some work might occur after closing, most prefer to shorten the process by working during operating hours.

But what about the noise? Renovations and installations can be extremely loud and annoying, not conducive to a calm and contemplative shopping experience. The din created by sawing, cutting, pounding, and other related activities can become overbearing, as the noise and dust from the construction cause some shoppers to turn around and leave.

Similarly, hotels and airports are often “under construction” during the day, a situation that can make for a less than satisfying experience and directly affect room rates.

What can businesses and their contractors do to control and isolate the noise generated by either temporary or longer-term inside projects?

Echo Barrier Noise Control Systems: Cutting Stations

Most businesses cannot afford to close altogether and forego much-needed revenue while they make changes and improvements to their facilities. But these refitting and repairs projects can be essential to long-term success.

Cutting and shaping materials like wood, metal, PVP and other refitting components is a very noisy process. When it occurs within the confines of a building, the noise can be unbearable, even when the annoyance is only intermittent.

Echo Barrier, the premier designer and manufacturer of world-class temporary noise control systems and acoustic barriers, offers long-lasting, durable sound-absorbing panels for purchase or rent to protect communities and individuals from noise pollution.

For short-term interior remodeling or rebuilding projects for businesses, Echo Barrier recommends:

  • Echo Barrier H-Series Panels are flexible and adaptable to any situation. The barriers are made from lightweight, waterproof, and fire-resistant materials and are perfect for segregating construction noise from the general public and routine daily activity. 
  • Acoustical Enclosures provide temporary noise control for various noise-producing equipment and activities. These, too, are lightweight and waterproof and can be assembled quickly, perfect for short- or long-term projects.

During interior cutting activities, Echo Barrier recommends its custom CS™ Cutting Station or CS Compactenclosures that are portable, easy to set up, and designed to contain the noise generated by all interior cutting and sawing projects.

And, just as important, the Cutting Station also isolates the dust and other material that are natural byproducts of the cutting process.

Easy to Assemble and Take Down

Enterprises that serve the public, including retailers and hospitality businesses, wish to minimize the impact of refurbishing projects on their clientele. Being able to assemble the cutting station and noise barriers quickly, then disassemble these in minutes minimizes any negative impact on the customer experience.

Work with Contractors Who Understand the Importance of Noise Control

Managing the noise that emanates from the activity is crucial, whether a project is extensive or minimal, outside or inside. Sound levels from outdoor construction projects and musical performances are limited by legislatures and local governing bodies in the United States. Within the walls of an operating business, alarming and obnoxious noise levels will undoubtedly drive away patrons.

Echo Barrier panels and cutting stations, which may be purchased for multiple projects or rented for individual ones, are:

  • Perfect for long-or-short term projects
  • Capable of reducing noise levels by up to 99%
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fire resistant
  • Made from sustainable and recyclable materials
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • Easily transported
  • Mounted on any existing or portable infrastructure

Echo Barrier cutting stations are fully enclosed, easy-to-install cubicles with a top to completely absorb the sound created by cutting and sawing on any interior or exterior job site. This enclosure allows workers to perform the necessary cutting jobs without moving to another location due to the excessive noise. The ability to cut materials on-site saves time and considerable labor costs.

Use Echo Barrier State-of-the-Art Noise Barriers to Eliminate Excess Noise

Successful contractors are sensitive to local regulations, penalties, and community dissatisfaction surrounding construction noise. These professionals also recognize that noise from interior jobs in retail spaces can harm their clients’ businesses.

To learn more about world-class noise reduction solutions, visit the Echo Barrier website, which features its entire portfolio of specialized panels and cutting stations.

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