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Echo Barrier named sole supplier to J Murphy & Sons

Posted by Magnet on Jan 2, 2017 12:00:00 AM | Construction Related

Already used by Murphy on a number of significant construction projects throughout the UK, this recently signed deal now means that Echo Barrier’s H series will be used exclusively across projects throughout its portfolio.

Echo Barrier is at the forefront of noise-reduction and is becoming internationally recognised for its acoustic barrier technology. Its products are helping construction and high footfall sites to achieve significantly reduced noise issues – benefiting both contractor and nearby communities.

Peter Wilson, Technical Director for Echo Barrier said: “We have an established relationship with Murphy and have been proud to have helped support its various projects with our technology over recent years. “This particular deal strengthens that relationship and will see Murphy’s staff supported by our acoustic consultancy team, who  provide help and advice as projects develop and specific regulatory matters arise.” Paul Mallorie, Group Business Development Director, J Murphy & Sons Limited, added: “Echo Barrier technology is a leader in its field, and, as one of the most recognised names in the building and civil engineering industry, we want to ensure we remain ahead of the game at all times. This technology enables us to work later and longer whilst reducing any disruption to neighbouring communities.”

Echo Barrier offers high tech, market leading solutions for controlling excessive noise. Echo Barrier systems make noise management simple, fast and highly effective. Barriers are flexible, provide exceptional acoustic performance, are easy to store, transport and fit. They were recently recognised by the Institute of Acoustics and Noise Abatement Society at their annual awards.

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