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Are Sound Blankets Required On My Worksite?


With tight legislation governing sound control, you may not be sure whether or not you have some boxes to tick, and a legal obligation to install sound blankets or some other form of noise mitigation on your construction site.

There are laws implemented to protect nearby residents, passersby, and workers alike from the inevitable noise pollution resulting from construction, a key factor in successful operational and environmental health and safety.


So what does that mean for you and your site, and will you need sound blankets for construction?

sound blankets for construction sites

Well in New York City, for example, noise mitigation strategies must be in place whenever any of the following construction devices or activities are employed or performed, as per the city’s noise code:

  • Impact equipment (pile drivers, jackhammers, hoe rams, blasting)
  • Earth moving devices (vacuum excavators)
  • Construction trucks (dump trucks)
  • Stationary devices (cranes, auger drills, street plates, backup alarms)
  • Manual devices (concrete saws)

Alternatively, it may be a matter of proximity; in Chicago, if your equipment is audible from 600-ft, it is classified as a noise disturbance, and measures will need to be taken to reduce the noise.

Remember that by installing acoustic barriers and taking steps towards noise mitigation, you will not only be satisfying a legal requirement, but also keeping your community and workforce from being exposed to the risks of noise pollution, while quashing the likelihood of any complaints.

Ultimately, it comes down to local legislation, so be sure to check the laws in your district for specific rules surrounding the use of noisy equipment.



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Echo Barrier is a modern solution to commercial noise control. The lightweight acoustic barriers and enclosures help take care of your noise mitigation requirements, wherever you are.


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