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Construction Noise In Austin: What Does The Law Say?

Posted by Echo Barrier on Jun 9, 2020 7:17:01 PM | Noise Pollution construction noise pollution acoustic barriers construction construction noise problems noise laws construction noise austin construction noise

The laws around noise pollution and noise limits are important in maintaining quality of life for everyone, although it becomes increasingly problematic in bigger cities like Austin. However, you may be surprised by what the law says in this Texan metropolis...

Noise pollution is responsible for a whole host of health problems for humans such as noise-induced hearing loss, high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety, burdening the healthcare sector with an estimated cost of $67-107 billion annually, worldwide. Being the live music capital of the nation, noise issues and complaints are commonplace in Austin. Between 2010 and 2015, noise complaints in the Texan capital went up 470 percent.


Construction Noise Is Harmful

Because of the invisible nature of noise, its seriousness is often underestimated. Workers tend to underappreciate the necessity for hearing protection devices, and over time their hearing deteriorates, resulting in noise-induced hearing loss and the social isolation and other inhibitions associated with the condition.

Road and air traffic noise are the most common sources of noise pollution, however construction noise remains a serious health concern for many workers and citizens in Austin.


Austin Construction Noise Laws

Local ordinances are enforced across cities and counties across the United States, and most directly address the problem of construction noise.


However, Austin does not have any ordinances pertaining specifically to construction. 


This is problematic, as laws surrounding such a serious contributor to noise pollution and the general discomfort of the population. 

Under Title 9, of the Austin, Texas Code of Ordinances, you can find a list of ordinances based on “amplified sound”, music, and parties, including requirements for obtaining noise permits, decibel limits, hour restrictions, and more. This makes sense given the nature of most noise complaints in Austin, however, the ordinance should still not neglect to address construction noise.


Defense Against Construction Noise

Echo Barrier temporary acoustic barriers are capable of massively mitigating noise from equipment like power tools. Watch Echo Barrier reduce the noise from this rotary hammer by 26 dB:



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