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Cleaning Your Echo Barriers

Posted by Echo Barrier on Mar 20, 2020 2:36:08 PM | temporary acoustic barrier sound barriers portable noise barrier durable noise barriers waterproof noise barriers wash echo barrier

Echo Barriers are robust portable acoustic barriers capable of withstanding long term use in harsh outdoor environments such as construction and demolition sites, festivals, oil & gas, roadworks, and others. Wherever there are challenging noise issues, over both the short term and the long term, Echo Barriers provide the perfect solution, with their modular design facilitating the installation and removal of a portable noise reduction system.


Maintain Your Noise Control

With certifications in water, fire, smoke, and UV resistance, Echo Barriers can last several years in consistent use in the field. To maximize your barriers’ lifespan, it is necessary to maintain them appropriately, including washing between uses and especially before storage.


Depending on your application, your Echo Barriers may need frequent cleaning. Washing down Echo Barriers is a simple and quick procedure. Owing to its innovative design, water will not pass through the external rear-facing membrane on the barrier, while air can enter to allow sound to be absorbed by the internal acoustic composite.


Video: Echo Barrier Washing & Maintenance


Following 5 simple steps to washing and maintenance, you Echo Barrier will stay in good condition for years:

  1. Following use, hang the barrier from a fence or similar structure using Echo Barrier hooks, ensuring it isn’t overlapped by another barrier or object.

  2. Using a pressure washer, clear the surface of the barrier of dust and debris.

  3. Remove the Echo Barrier, turn it over, and remount it on the structure, and repeat 

  4. Repeat step 1 and leave the barrier out to dry.

  5. Once dry, the Echo Barrier is ready for storage or redeployment.


Important: Check for any tears in the barrier before washing to prevent water from entering the barrier. Repair patches are available for damaged Echo Barriers – contact your nearest distributor for more information.

The longer your Echo Barriers last, the longer your investment in maintaining peace and quiet will last.



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Portable Noise Barriers

Echo Barrier is an innovative temporary noise control system designed to quickly mitigate noise in dynamic and sensitive work environments.

Distribution available worldwide.


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