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BLOG: Noise Action Week – why we need to take action

Posted by Magnet on May 24, 2018 10:40:00 AM | Uncategorised

In November last year we wrote a blog on how noise is as big a drain on the NHS as smoking, obesity and drug taking. Read it here:

So we are committed to using Noise Action Week to help spread awareness of the problems associated with unwanted and excessive noise and are encouraging anyone managing a noisy construction site or event during the week to take a free trial of our award winning Echo Barriers.
For every new customer that contacts us and organises a free trial, or for every order placed that week from existing customers, we will make a donation to Action on Hearing Loss – check them out here:

Not only is construction site noise inconvenient for those who are working and shopping in the vicinity of noise drills, those who are operating the equipment are also at risk from hearing loss and other illnesses associated with exposure to loud noise.
Furthermore, those who are kept awake at night due to noise, or those who are disturbed and stressed due to unwanted and excessive noise also face health risks, with heart problems a major result of the worry caused by noise.
So, we are urging local councils, specifiers, site managers, rail maintenance engineers and contractors to think again when they are setting up a noisy works site in the vicinity of peoples homes, workplaces or near retail outlets, plan sound minimisation tactics into your plans and help keep local residents healthy!

To take out a free trial of the barriers please contact our sales team via or call 0845 561 3246

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