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Resolving Electrical Transformer Noise Problems

Posted by Echo Barrier on Jun 29, 2021 7:30:00 PM | transformer transformer noise electrical transformer noise
Electrical transformer

There’s no denying how vital transformers are in the provision of electricity. But still, the humming and buzzing noise they produce can be a nuisance. This article examines what causes the transformer noises and how you can mitigate them.


What causes the noise in your transformer?


The magnetostriction effect is the leading cause of the transformer noise. It is the process through which the dimensions of ferromagnetic materials change upon contacting a magnetic field. The alternation of current flow through a transformer's coil causes the iron core to expand and contract, resulting in a humming sound.

How can you control the transformer sound transmission?

Completely eliminating magnetostriction is impossible. However, proper installation and assembly of transformers can help control and mask the noise to some extent.

The easiest step to reducing transformer noise problems is reducing proximity to people and having it installed in secluded place away from businesses or residential premise. Doing that will ensure that the benefits are enjoyed without having to withstand the noise it produces. This isn't always a luxury for most of us, especially when dealing with entire substations. 

Other installation measures you can take to reduce the noise include:

  • Avoid surrounding hard surfaces 

    Installing transformers in such places will only but amplify the noise they produce. Ensure that the transformer isn't situated in a vast, indoor area.

  • Mount your unit on a solid surface

    Ensure that you mount your transformer on dense surfaces such as reinforced concrete walls. The mounting surface should preferably weigh ten times the weight of the transformer to reduce noise amplification.

  • Surround the unit with Echo Barriers

    Built to handle the outdoors and rough work environments, portable acoustic panels like Echo Barriers are ideal in situations like these.


  • Use acoustical dampening material 

    You can reduce the noise produced by the transformer by covering the walls of the transformer cabin with noise absorbent materials such as acoustic tiles, kimsul, or fiberglass.
  • Use flexible mounting techniques

    Use external vibration dampeners along with flexible connections and mounting methods that prevent contact between the mounting surface and the unit.

No one fancies the noise produced by transformers. That said, with the tips above you can almost certainly of reduce the noise produced by your transformer and can provide a quieter residential and work environment.



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