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Australia: Contractors large and small can reap the benefits of noise control when using Echo Barrier

Posted by Magnet on May 24, 2018 10:40:00 AM | Uncategorised

Echo Barrier is a proven solution organisations have used as part of their community relations package to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility.  

Construction giants John Holland, Lend Lease and Thiess are among the organisations that have used Echo Barrier on their projects.
Construction, maintenance and civil works are a common occurrence that happen on an everyday basis, even if on a much smaller scale.  Local stakeholders still need to be considered on smaller projects, therefore noise control still needs to be considered too.
Flexem Construction were contracted for a local shopping centre project in Sydney.  These works included jack hammers and use of loud machinery whilst the centre was operating.  To complete the works as quickly as possible the project day finished at 10pm. 
These works directly affected the malls’ patrons as well as many local businesses and nearby residents. Flexem rented Echo Barrier to help mitigate temporary construction noise emanating from their project and designed a ‘horseshoe’ installation to provide access to shoppers whilst allowing works to be conducted. 

The noise wall was dynamically reconfigured as civil works changed and moved.  In this way, the noise wall was optimised for the operating site, lessening the disruption to all locals. Echo Barrier is pleased to have provided a cost effective, versatile solution which enabled Flexem to conduct their project with a minimum of complaints. Echo Barrier congratulates Flexem Construction, demonstrating that all companies can show their care for the community.

To hear about how Echo Barrier can provide your business with a temporary noise solution, please contact us on +61 02 8006 1131.

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