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AMERICA: NYC Government consults Echo Barrier to end public frustration

Posted by Magnet on May 24, 2018 10:40:00 AM | Uncategorised

After months of discussion with various New York City government agencies, Echo Barrier presented its pre-engineered, lightweight modular acoustic system that can quickly and easily be fit around loud rooftop equipment to solve this persistent noise aggravation.

Unbearable Noise Levels from Exposed Equipment A leading culprit of noise complaints in New York City is loud, exposed equipment on both residential and commercial buildings. Large generators, HVAC units, chillers and fans atop most large city buildings support the energy needs of the many tenants and visitors below, but produce noise levels that are unbearable for surrounding residents, workers and passersby. Though the city’s building codes contain regulations that restrict building noise levels, common mitigation systems add tremendous weight that most building structures cannot support and are not designed to withstand prolonged exposure to weather. Conventional noise-reduction systems also add the stress of complex logistics and high costs, as they typically require cranes to be transported to rooftops.

Increasing Frustration with Noise Pollution City agencies have long recognized this problem and sought after a solution that would be more lightweight, durable, cost effective and easy to deploy. Even specialty consultants that focus on sound reduction strategies were stymied to find an effective and easily implemented mitigation system for this type of noise.

Three Simple Steps to a Quiet Resolution Echo Barrier designed the HVAC RapidB which can be installed around rooftop equipment in three easy steps. The system comprises of a number of Echo Barriers which are secured to a patented marine grade aluminum frame that is hard wearing, durable and can withstand prolonged exposure to weather and corrosion. This innovative technology is extremely lightweight, making the system easy to transport, handle and install, yet the high-quality materials and precise engineering that make up the technology offer unprecedented strength and durability for an acoustic barrier.
The HVAC RapidB creates the required acoustic barrier geometry specifically around this type of noise pollution. It is the first ‘quick deploy’ noise mitigation system on the market, reducing installation, surveying and engineering costs. Most of all, the technology is effective in dramatically reducing noise levels. The lightweight set of modular components that make up the HVAC RapidB can quickly be installed by only a few fitters in just a matter of days.
An added convenience, the compact system can easily be transported to the rooftop in an elevator or by stairs, without any need for expensive and complicated cranes.

Providing a Practical and Effective Solution Peter Wilson, Technical Director of Echo Barrier, stated, “Health and safety laws and guidelines may vary, but the problems of noise pollution are constant throughout the world. Although best practice procedures are often only ‘at will,’ many contractors, consultants and city municipalities are at the forefront in trying to find solutions to minimize noise pollution, and Echo Barrier is committed to providing a practical and effective solution.”

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