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AMERICA: Echo Barrier provides solution to transformer noise for NSTAR Electric

Posted by Magnet on May 24, 2018 10:40:00 AM | Uncategorised

Immediate and Significant Sound Reduction

This NSTAR substation was in possession of a 30-year-old mobile transformer, the cooling fans of which generated a level of noise NSTAR found unacceptable. Immediate action was taken to find sound-reduction methods but none were sufficient in remediating this particular type and level of noise.

After installing Echo Barrier’s H2 acoustic barriers, the sound from the transformer was immediately reduced. Herb Glick, a representative of the NSTAR Electric substation in Framingham, stated, “This mobile transformer began to produce a strange, loud rattling noise. After installing the Echo Barriers the sound coming from the transformer was immediately reduced from what sounded like an airplane flying low overhead to a slight and tolerable hum. Mr. Glick added, “We were also impressed with the ease of use of the Barriers and how quickly they could be installed. Everything else we tried was heavy, cumbersome and not as effective.”

NSTAR Electric continues to be proactive towards noise mitigation for their community, the environment and their employees and has since purchased more barriers for other facilities. Echo Barrier is proud to have been part of their solution.

Commitment to Providing Relief for Overbearing Noise

Peter Wilson, Technical Director at Echo Barrier, added, “Attenuating noise from heating, cooling and power equipment is a very common use for Echo Barrier. The H2 product is particularly effective in reducing noise from large diesel engines—one of the most common causes of excess noise for electric companies. HVAC units, power generators, chillers and fans can certainly produce an overbearing level of noise that can significantly be a distraction from work and daily life. Echo Barrier is committed to its ongoing efforts in providing awareness along with practical and effective solutions.“

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