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5 Tips For Reducing Noise On Site

Posted by Echo Barrier on Jun 20, 2018 12:10:52 PM | Noise Pollution how to reduce noise on site construction noise pollution ways to reduce construction site noise problems acoustic barriers construction

If your construction site is situated close enough to homes and other places of work, the noise emanating from the site could put you at risk of ruffling some feathers.

Noisy worksites are a quick way to annoy the public, and can end with complaints, fines, or worse, a notice to cease operations.

We don’t want you to get in trouble, so here are a handful of tips to help minimise noise disturbances and keep your site operating under the radar:


1. Avoid metal-on-metal contact.


avoid metal on metal contact which creates noise problems


That percussive metal clangour is bound to be heard far and wide. First and foremost be sure to make a conscious effort when handling tools and equipment made of metal.

You can also try lining chutes with abrasion-resistant rubber, and reducing your drop heights.


2. Install sound blankets around your site.


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 09.47.55 


Placing noise reduction blankets or temporary acoustic barriers around your site will contain a large proportion of the racket trying to escape.

These sound blocking panels should cover the fencing around the perimeter, leaving no gaps between each panel. 

Acoustic barriers are lightweight and reduce noise levels by up to 99%.


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3. Perform smaller tasks within an acoustic enclosure.

H2 acoustic enclosure image 2

You can isolate tasks like sawing, cutting, and drilling by setting up a temporary enclosure designed to attenuate the noise produced.

Loud equipment like generators, compressors or HVACs can be kept inside these enclosures too, which can be installed by two people within 15 minutes.

So don’t sweat over losing time to complete the job at hand.


4. Use new equipment.


industrial noise reduction


Manufacturers know the value of noise minimisation onsite nowadays, and they go to great lengths to make sure their current products are quieter than their predecessors.

Be sure to enquire about a devices noise levels before purchase or hire; they’re bound to have some options for you.


5. Use new diesel generators.



Newer heavy-duty diesel generators are designed with noise reduction in mind.

Some of these new units are up to 15 dB (A) quieter than older diesel-powered generators, and often come fitted with cooling, exhaust and intake systems.

Bonus tip: running the generator inside the acoustic enclosure above would help reduce the generator’s noise to almost nothing.


Don’t leave the fate of your job in the hands of the public. By taking a handful of steps towards reducing the noise your construction site, you’ll be free of complaints and quicker on your way to the next project.


Echo Barrier can help to reduce unwanted construction site noise.


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