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4 Of The Quietest 20kW - 22kW Gensets

Posted by Echo Barrier on Mar 19, 2021 4:45:00 PM

Although gensets (or generators) are a reliable source of emergency power, the trade-off seems to be noise. That said, some manufacturers build generators to be quieter than others, prioritising occupational health & safety and well-being.

Read on for a list of the quietest portable generators in the 20 kW to 22 kW range. But before you do that, take a look at the following decibel scale for reference in terms of loudness:


Noise Level Chart: Decibel Levels of Common Sounds With Examples |

Infographic source:


1. Generac Mobile MDG25IF4

Operating noise output: 67 dB(A)

Generac Mobile mdg25if4


The Generac Mobile MDG25IF4 produces 25 kW at standby, which translates to 20 kW running. Even though it’s so powerful, the diesel engine has an approximate run time of 28 hours. The good thing about Generac is they can cram all that power into a small package.

Its biggest draw is its running decibel rating of 67 dB from 23 ft away owing to its insulated and baffled enclosure.


2. Multiquip DCA20SPXU4F Genset

Operating noise output: 63 dB(A)



If you’re feeling adventurous, this Genset is good for 20 kW through its diesel engine. Although Multiquip aren't known for their generators, they offer unit and engine warranty for two years or 2000 hours, much better than the usual one year or 1000 hours. 

You won’t be waking up the neighbors as it has an operational volume of 63 dB(A) at the industry-standard distance of 23 ft.


3. Wanco WSP25 Towable Diesel Generator

Operating noise output: 59 dB(A)

wen wsp


The unit has a standby rating of 20 kW. Featuring an enlarged fuel cell and oversized cooling system, it will keep chugging along for 38 hours at full pelt.

What’s more, it’s the outright leader in this list with a noise level of 59(A) dB at 23 ft. 


4. Cummins CMHG 20000 Hydraulic Diesel Generator

Operating noise level: 63 dB(A)

The Cummins is unique as it uses a closed-loop hydraulic system to generate the 20 kW. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year, 1000 hour limited warranty.

Even though the 70 dB(A) noise rating seems high, that was measured at only 10 feet, all while running at full load to boot. This should translate to around 63 dB(A) at the standard 23 ft, accounting for distance attenuation.



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